2023 Sportswear collection

"Made in New York"

The inspiration for YUNA YANG’s 2023 sportswear collection began with American sportswear and princess Diana’s sportswear styling in the 1980s. The collection contains A ruffle top with a comfortable yet dressy shape for a day-to-evening look using 100% recycled Italian jersey, and a plaid look decorated with calm sequins, YUNA YANG’s signature polo shirt made of quick-drying, UV-blocking material that emphasizes functionality. We hope that bright colors and easy to wear yet dressy looks will bring energy to all of us to dream of a positive future in fear of uncertainty after Covid.

Entire YUNA YANG sportswear products are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Manhattan.

Photos @charlesroussel
Stylist @aleksandra.nyc
Hair @nami.hair.jp
Make up @yukaito_mua